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Tablet tooling consists of the punches and dies that are used in tablet compression equipment. High-quality tooling is required to enhance productivity and ensure accuracy and consistency in the tablets produced. Our partner, PRISM Pharma Machinery, provides state of the art precision tablet tooling with perfected technology.

  • A wide range of tooling is offered, including B, D, BB, BBS as well as non-standard types.
  • For R&D purposes, tooling can be made available in quantities required.
  • Specialized heat treatment: Tooling undergoes computer-controlled special fluidized-bed heat treatment process with triple tempering. This ensures low contamination and hardness.
  • Specialized tooling: Different tooling coatings are available for your unique application.
  • Customized tooling: PRISM Pharma Machinery can manufacture unique tooling to accommodate your brand, unique coding, and anti-counterfeiting measures.


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Tablet Tooling

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