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In pharmaceutical solid oral dosage manufacturing, tablets may be coated for many different reasons. This include making the tablets more palatable, protecting tablet components to increase tablet stability, making swallowing easier, as well as increasing the control of dissolution and absorption.

PRISM Pharma Machinery produces tablet coating equipment ranging from R&D, pilot and production scale.

Prism’s Auto Coater is an advanced, high efficiency automated tablet coating machine, mainly used I the pharmaceutical and food industries.  It conforms to the requirements of CGMP.  These auto coaters provide a high efficiency, energy saving, safe and clean solution for both film and sugar coating of tablet, pellets and candies with various coating solutions, including aqueous, non aqueous, enteric and sugar coating.

  • Automatic tablet coater range: loading capacity from 30 – 500 kg.
  • Conventional tablet coater range: loading capacity from 15 – 210 kg.


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Tablet Coating

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