Cartoning machines can pack rigid and non-rigid objects into a carton. This form of secondary packaging is using in the pharmaceutical industry as well as other industries for items such as bottles, vials, tubes, ampoules, and sachets.

We provide a number of production-scale cartoning machines from CVC Technologies. Both automatic and semi-automatic models are available to increase your output and reduce man hours.

  • The CVC 1600 cartoner is an intermittent motion horizontal cartoning machine which is suitable to pack products into cartons with tuck-in closure. There are several special advantages: less mechanical adjustments, no blister/product limitation, more than four blister insertion with manual loading, tube and bottle insertion and with ability to integrate with other machines. The unique compact designed cartoner only takes small space. Mechanical cartoning speed is up to 45-55 cartons per minute.
  • Bottle Loading: Bottle Infeed Starwheel receives and lie bottles horizontally onto the bucket.

Bottle Infeed Bucket Conveyor receives and transports bottles from the Bottle Infeed Starwheel, then deliver bottles to the cartoning station. An air cylinder is used to perform bottle inserting job.

  • Carton Magazine: An adjustable carton magazine allows operator to place stacked cartons into a magazine. The carton is pulled down by a vacuum cup.


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