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Blisters packs are commonly used as the primary packaging for many solid pharmaceutical dosages. With a full range of automatic and semi-automatic blister packing machinery, we have you covered. Our manufacturing partner, PRISM Pharma Machinery, builds blister packing models for small batches (R&D and pilot scale for clinical trials and exhibition batches) as well as large scale production batches.

  • Capacity: R&D and pilot models up to 1000 blisters per min

Production model speeds up to 40 cycles/min for thermo-forming and 35 Cycles/min for cold-forming.and up to 4.5 and 6.5 mtrs/min

  • Technologies used: Either flat forming and flat sealing technology or rotary forming and rotary sealing
  • Versatile machine configurations to cover blistering types such as tables, hard and soft-gel capsules

Featured Machine: EXCEL -44

  • Auto feeding system by PLC Logic with pneumatic combination
  • Servo web indexing by rigid PLC Logic
  • User friendly HMI touch screen (Human machine interface)
  • Festo make for fast response, oil free, minimum wear and tear, easy maintenance, and universal availability of bought outs


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Blister Packing

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