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Powder mixing and blending has always been a strenuous process in the manufacturing of solid dosage forms. The uniformity of the product is adversely affected if the compounds present in the formation are not sufficiently blended. The type of mixer or blender used determines the flow of the final mixture. Prism Pharma Machineries manufacturers a wide range of mixers and blenders which caters for a wide variety of products and raw materials. Since every product is based on its specific and unique mixtures of raw materials, it is important that the right mixers and blenders are selected.  In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, these mixers are applied in a wide range of industries including cosmetics, food , ceramic and chemical industries

High Shear Mixer Granulator -PRMG:

  • The High Shear Mixer Granulator is used for processing of dry and wet mixing of materials. It can be used to mix, homogenize, granulate and emulsify materials. It consists of a four-arm impeller on the bottom of the vessel, with a chopper blade situated on the side of the vessel. The Highs shear mixer granulator is fitted with a mill and has a gravity fed outlet port.  This can then be coupled or used in conjunction with a fluid bed drier if required.
  • Variants available: 40litre -1000litre working capacity and 20kg-500kg loading capacity

Paddle Mixer Blender

  • Uniform Fluidized Optimum Mixing Process technique
  • Model working capacity ranges from 50kg -4250 Kg

Ribbon Mixer Blender

  • Used for uniform dry & wet mixing process with up to 95% homogeneity achieved
  • Available in different working capacity ranging from 25 – 5000 Kg, 50 – 1000 Litre

Mass Mixer

  • Capacity of 50 – 500 Kg
  • Working volume of 80 – 800 Litre

Continuous Paddle Mixer Blender: Simplex Mixer

  • Offers optimum mixing of a wide distribution of portfolio sizes and bulk densities without segregation.
  • The single shaft continuous mixer used for powder granules, moist solids, liquids, and pasty substances.
  • Nominal capacity ranges from 5-12 Tons / Hour

“Z” Blade Sigma Mixer- Kneader Sigma Extruder

  • Used for uniform kneading, mixing & extruding process.
  • Applied in the mixer of high vicious, sticky and dough-like products like pastes, gum, and rubber
  • Mixes with combined action of bulk movement, kneading, stretching folding, dividing, and recombining.

Z’ Blade Sigma Mixer Extruder

  • Used for mixing medium to high viscosity pastes.
  • For difficult to handle products like hot melt, butyl sealant
  • Working capacity of 3-1000 Litres

Octagonal Blender

  • Designed with six corners for fast homogenous dry mixing
  • 50-5000 Litre working volume.
  • 25-2500 Kg loading capacity

Double Cone Blender

  • Used for effective process technique & blending of dry powder & granules.
  • Two long corner design for tumbler which ensures rapid intermixing of particles irrespective of of varying specific gravities
  • 50 – 5000 Litre working volume
  • 25 – 2500 Litre loading capacity

“V” Shape Mixer Blender

  • “V” shape design ensures continuous splitting of granules for homogenous mixing
  • Working Volume of 50-5000 Litre
  • Loading capacity of 25-2500 Kg

Bin Blender

  • Ideal for dry mixing and lubricating of granules
  • Useful for conveying materials for further processing
  • Working capacity of 50-500 Litres
  • Working capacity of 25-250 Kg

Container Tumbler Blender

  • Used for the blending of dry powder for production of tablets and capsules
  • Working capacity: 25-250 Kg
  • Working capacity: 50-500 Litre


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Mixing and Blending

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