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The primary objective in milling is to reduce particle size to a specific range while minimizing the generation of dust particles.  Particles size distribution is necessary when considering the flow of product, compression, friability, and disintegration. Hence, selecting the right size and type of mill is paramount to any successful manufacturing process. Prism Pharma Machineries offers a wide range of mills which can be used for wet and dry granulation, pulverization, shredding in applications in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

Multi Mill

  • The Milling & Size Reduction Process
  • High speed milling, granulating, pulverizing, mixing and size reduction of wet & dry material
  • Output capacity of 50kg to 250 kg per hour

Cone Mill

  • Uniform Size Reduction Process
  • High speed milling, granulating and size reduction by rubbing process
  • Output capacity of 250-750 Kg / Hour

Comminuting Mill

  • High speed milling & pulverizing process
  • Output capacity of 50-2000 Kg / Hour

Oscillating Granulator

  • High speed uniform granulation process
  • Uniformly granulation & fewer fines of wet material and dry materials
  • Output capacity of 250-500 Kg / Hour


  • High speed milling and pulverizing process of herbals
  • Output of the machine 200-800 Kg / Hour

Vibro Sifter

  • Compact sieving & grading process technique
  • Output capacity of 50-1000 Kg / Hour

Colloid Mill

  • Superfine grind, Homogenizing, Dispersing, Mixing, and emulsifying in single process
  • Output capacity of 150-5000 Litre / Hour

LABOmill: Lab Multi Mill

  • The Milling & Size reduction Process
  • Output speed of 1-50 Kg / Hour

LABOgranulator: Lab Oscillating Granulator

  • The uniform Size reduction Process
  • Output capacity of 1-50 Kg / Hour


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Milling & Grading

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