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The transfer of materials at different stages of a pharmaceutical manufacturing is a process that should not be overlooked and should be carried out in ways to avoid contamination while ensuring seamless flow between the different stages of manufacturing. In the pharmaceutical industry, material conveyance techniques are necessary while charging or discharging materials to the granulator, loading granules to the tablet press for compression and loading finished tablets or capsules into the hopper of blister packing machines. The design of conveying devices is critical to ensure good manufacturing standards taking into consideration the health and safety of the operators and avoiding direct contact of product conveyed with the hydraulic fluids. Prism’s techniques for conveying include tippler devices, movable hoists and intermediate bulk containers

Tippler – Lifting & Tipping Device

  • The Tippler-Lifting and tipping device is used to unload fluid bd dryer bowl material into cone mill or multi mill or oscillating granulator in a dust free way for down sizing or dry milling
  • Available capacity 30 Kg to 600 Kg of FBD bowl
  • Fully automatic system, with hydraulic lifting and tipping arrangement for quick and easy handling
  • 180 degrees swivelling of vertical mast with vertical lift and tippling ensures motion in all three dimensions as required

IBC – Bin Loader

  • The IPC bin loader is used for transferring and discharging the material dust free and without human touch in pharmaceuticals industries for load powder in to HSMG bowl, hopper of tablet press, container of blender, load tablet into hopper of blister pack & coating machine
  • Suitable for load material on high shear mixer, blender, tablet press, auto coater, blister pack and inline milling & sifting process
  • Suit Bin Capacity: 250-2000 Litres

Bin – Intermediate Process Container

  • Storage and Dust Free transfer process
  • Capacity available from 30 Kg to 1200 Kg
  • Universal bin handling and stacking system for easy handling and stacking of bins

Moveable Hoist / Bin Lifter

  • The moveable hoist is used to transfer the material dust free and for loading powder into RMG bowl, hopper of tablet press and blister pack and coating machine and online sifting and milling as well as the container one room to another room
  • Fully automatic system, with motorized lifting arrangement for quick and easy handling & conveying
  • Manually moveable hoist suitable for load material to tablet press, blister pack autocoater & mixer machine

Vacuum Transfer System

  • Easy Dust Free Conveying with Inline Process
  • The system is use full for inline milling, sifting, blending, and loading and unloading
  • Fully auto system, with timing controls and automatic air blow back system for filter cleaning
  • Vacuum system and cyclone filter can be installed in out of side production area
  • Suitable for loading powder on tablet press, tablet into auto coater, powder and sugar charging into vessel, bin, and unload FBD bowl


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Material Conveying

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