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In pharmaceutical solid dosage manufacturing, granulation is one of the first steps. Granulation is the process of collecting powder particles together by creating bonds between them either by compression or by using a binding agent. This increases the compressibility. For example, if one were to make tablets from either granulated sugar or powdered sugar, the granulated sugar would be much easier to compress than the powdered sugar. During the granulation process, one or more powders are combined into a granule, and this allows the tableting process to be predictable and to produce quality tablets within the required tablet-press speed range.

Our granulation equipment is manufactured by PRISM Pharma Machinery, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fluidized bed combos. We offer a single-source solution to all your granulation equipment needs—building, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and process support in conjunction with our principal PRISM Pharma Machinery. PRISM offers a wide range of R&D lab and pilot scale as well as production scale granulation equipment. Whether you are looking for a full integrated granulation line or stand-alone high shear mixers (HSM) and fluid bed processors, we can help. Our customer base spans from pharmaceutical, chemical, food & feedstuff industries, all these with applications including batch granulation, agglomeration of powder products, top spray film coating and batch drying of moist substances.

High Shear Mixer Granulator -PRMG:

  • The High Shear Mixer Granulator is used for processing of dry and wet mixing of materials. It can be used to mix, homogenize, granulate and emulsify materials. It consists of a four-arm impeller on the bottom of the vessel, with a chopper blade situated on the side of the vessel. The Highs shear mixer granulator is fitted with a mill and has a gravity fed outlet port.  This can then be coupled or used in conjunction with a fluid bed drier if required.
  • Variants available: 40litre -1000litre working capacity and 20kg-500kg loading capacity

Roller Compactor

  • Roller compaction is a form of dry granulation used for moisture and heat sensitive products.A Roller compacter is used to increase bulk density of dry material resulting in granules of a particular size. Material passes between two metal rollers under pressure, resulting in the production of a dry “flake” which is then passed through a mill resulting in granules ready for further processing such as tableting or encapsulation.
  • Output capacity of available variants from 20kg/hr-500kg/hr

Fluid Bed Dryer

  • Prism Fluid Bed Dryer involves fast drying, cooling and agglomeration of particulate materials
  • Ideal for heat sensitive products in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and biochemicals, foods, confectionery and dairy industries
  • Container Volume: 100-1500 Litre
  • Batch Capacity: 30-500 Kg
  • Single piece construction with integrated retarding and expansion chamber cum filter bag housing
  • Built in explosion vents and isolation valve protect equipment
  • Optimal Features include: Double scan inlet air AHU, HEPA filtration, steam or electric heater, solid flow detection silencer at exhaust blower, wet or dry scrubber, PLC controls, differential pressure indicator, CIP/WIP system & explosion proof motor


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