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Encapsulation technology is used in the pharmaceutical sector to fill hard or soft capsule shells with various dosage forms. These capsules are then taken orally or used as suppositories. Most encapsulation machines make use of either the tamping or the dosator principle, depending on the formulation. These machines are built to ensure optimal production and a low rejection rate.

Our encapsulation equipment is manufactured by Technipharma, which has over 5 decades of experience with capsule technologies. They produce R&D scale, pilot scale and production scale encapsulation equipment as well as a range of related supporting equipment. The AF Series of automatic capsule filling machines is Technipharma flagship range. More than 1600 installations have been conducted worldwide for different types of capsule fillers covering powders, granules, pellets, tablets, capsule dosage forms and over 3,000 formulations. Liquid encapsulation models are available for liquid filing in hard shells. Containment models are also available for filling highly potent substances. For unique encapsulation needs, Customized Oral Dosage Encapsulation (CODE) is available.

THF-300: Hand Operated Capsule Filling Machine

  • The Hand Operated Filling machine fills a wide range of capsules from Capsule Size 00-4 and is applicable for Hospitals/Ayurvedic and R&D units
  • Simple operation with 300 number of holes per tray
  • No Electrical Consumption and minimum space required due to compact design
  • Partial and Tablet filling can be supplied as options

UCF-30: Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • The Semi-automatic Capsule filling machine fills a wide range of capsules from Capsule size 00 to 5 using Auger principle for accurate filling of powder
  • The Semi-Automatic machine is manufactured with complete stainless steel body, easy maintenance and light weight magnesium loading ring for easy and comfortable change over process
  • Pellet and Tablet filling attachments can be provided with ease with all series of machines
  • Capable of achieving maximum speed of approximately 3000 capsules per hour for capsule size (1-5).
  • This speed can be increased to 48 000 capsules / hour with the addition of TL-80 automatic loader as an option

TF-Series: Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • Available: TF-25, TF-40T and TF-90T
  • Maximum output of up to 90 000 capsules per hour for powder filling
  • Tamping principle of operation
  • Capable of filling powder, tablet, and pellets into capsules

Our fully automated capsule filling operates with the following line machines:

1. Empty capsule sorter elevator – T- SE series

  • SE100: Capable of sorting and loading empty capsules into the capsule filling machine at a speed of 100,000 capsules per hour.
  • SE200: Used for high-capacity loading with speed up to 230,000 capsules per hour

2. Dedusting and polishing machine – T- DP-100.:

  • Used for dedusting and Polishing of filled capsules with a spiral conveyor brush at a maximum speed of 100,000 capsules per hour.

3. Check weigher TCW.

  • The inline checkweigher monitors the weight of filled capsules for in process quality control with accuracy of 1mg.

4. Mini Capsule sorter – T-MS 100

  • The mini capsule sorter provides automatic sorting of loose caps, loose powder and sorting of telescopic defects on filled capsules. It can achieve a maximum speed of 125 capsules per hour.

5. Empty capsule sorter – T-ECS-100

  • Technipharma’s empty capsule sorter Unit separates empty capsules from a batch of filled Capsuled. It operates at a maximum speed of 100,000 capsules per hour.

6. Filled capsule Elevator – T -FCE – 100.

  • Used to convey filled capsules through the elevator channel and outlet chute into the hopper of the metal detector

7. Metal Detector. MD

  • Rejects any filled capsules with meta particles.

8. Compact air displacement unit CADU

  • This machine is used as vacuum to provide dust extraction during capsule filling. It is also used for cleaning operations on automatic capsule machines.


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