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De-dusting and Deburring

De-Dusters remove the fine surface dust from tablets through vibratory effect. They can be connected inline to any type of high speed tablet press. Prism’s spiral dedusters channel tablets through a vibrating spiral path with  perforated sieves or elevating uphill channel with perforated sieves.

  • All contact parts AISI 316 & non-contact parts AISI 304.
  • Geometrically designed tablet route to ensure remove dust and burrs.
  • PDE 250 model runs at a maximum speed of 174,000 tablets per hour with minimum tablet diameter of 5mm and maximum tablet diameter of 20mm
  • PDE 350 runs at a maximum speed of 240,000 tablets per hour with minimum tablet diameter of 5mm and maximum tablet diameter of 20mm.
  • Brushing unit for deburring available as an option

Tablet Metal Detector

The metal detector is designed for the detection and removal of small pieces of ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel contaminations in tablet. Such particles can be present in the product stream due to the deterioration of processing equipment components such as worm sieve wires or splintered dies. Prism’s metal detector removes metallic contaminants automatically and without interference with the production.

Prism’s metal detectors are designed with  automatic balance coil Principle, which eliminates all set-up errors and enables consistent performance.

  • All contact parts AISI316 Quality and Non contact parts AISI304 Quality.
  • Easy changeable electronic module.
  • Search head is capable of 180 º rotations and inclination 0-30º.
  • Solid- state relays for arc free switching.
  • Continuous operation
  • Adjustable height Single pillar stand with 4 castor wheels..
  • Food grade non-metallic white chute to avoid cross contamination.

Dust Extractor

The dust extracting unit is enhances the control of dust in tabletting compression and packing. The unit strongly recommends the use of dust control equipment with all Tablet press and De-duster. Prism’s dust extractors consist of an expansion chamber where heavy dust particles are deposited by gravity, filter bag and filter shaking mechanism for depositing dust and collection trays for dust disposal.

  • The design is cGMP compliant with AISI316 for contact parts and AISI304 for non-contact parts .
  • Ease of connection to all types of tablet compression machines and dedusters.
  • PDE 150 has a suction capacity of 150cfm with filtration area of 9 sqft and dust storage capacity of ¾ cu.feet
  • PDE 300 has a suction capacity of 300cfm with filtration area of 12 sqft and dust storage capacity of ¾ cu.feet
  • PDE 1000 has a suction capacity of 1000cfm with filtration area of 32 sqft and dust storage capacity of 50 litre

Tablet Polishing Kit

A tablet polishing kit provides the advantage of increasing the useful life of tablet  tooling through proper maintenance and care of the tooling. In addition, the punch polishing kit enables proper cleaning of tablet tooling. Prism’s punch polishing kit is designed with a motor  powered  polishing section adaptable to different types of polishing wheel , polishing  media, paste and cleaning powder. This design makes it suitable for the cleaning and polishing of critical areas like  punch tip, embossing lettering and die bore.  The polishing kit can also be used to remove burrs and dents marks on the edges of the tooling. Prism’s polishing kit can be designed to match the tablet specification manual.

Elements of the Punch polishing kit include:

  • Double end polisher with buff wheels
  • Micro polishing powder.
  • Diamond Paste Syringe.
  • Buffing media.
  • Felt bobs.
  • Emery Roll.
  • Nylon brush wheels
  • Brass brush wheels
  • Punch Guide Brushes B and D Tooling (Nylon / brass)
  • Eye Glass
  • Steel Box.
  • Lapping sticks

Punch storage cabinet and trolley

Conveyance and storage of tablet tooling is a major area of concern when it comes maintaining tablet tooling condition for optimum performance on the tablet press. Punches are prone damages during cleaning, handling and storage. Therefore, it is necessary to use the best possible means to preserve tablet tooling while avoiding the cost of frequent replacement of tooling. Prism’s punch storage cabinet and trolley are made with SS304 and designed with specific slots for each punch to prevent collision and abrasion during transportation.

Features are:

  • Unique design according to Tablet Specification Manual.
  • Separate zone for upper punches, lower punches and dies in storage cabinet.
  • Easily moveable trolley with bottom self-tray.
  • Available in various option for rack system

Clean In Place System

The Clean In Place (CIP) or Wash In Place (WIP) system is used for cleaning  Vessels, Tank, Bin, Fluid Bed Equipment, High shear Mixer, Blender, Auto Coater and IBC Bin at the installation location. Prism’s CIP/WIP system is manufactured either as a trolley Mounted system which is moveable to the machine’s exact location or as a complete closed bunker system which is suitable for  Bin washing. The trolley mounted CIP system is equipped with inlet pneumatic operated valve for plain water, hot water, and detergent. The installed pressurised pressurized pump is equipped with spraying bulb for effective washing of the vessel, tank fluid bed dryer and HSM The complete CIP/WIP systemis operated by PLC controls system with touch screen HMI. PLC controls system is working as per set time for washing cycle of the inlet & outlet as per requirements.

Salient features:

  • PLC controlled with HMI touch screen.
  • cGMP compliant design with AISI 316 /316L contact parts & AISI 304 not contact parts
  • Optional provision of detergent reservoirs as well as pumping and heating capabilities for the solutions.


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