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The SYSTESTER range provides a solution for burst strength testing of various packaging material from paper to corrugated boards. The machines operate based on the Mullen theory; they also meet the requirements set in ISO2758 ‘Paper-Determination of bursting strength’ and ISO2759 ‘Board-Determination of bursting strength’.

  • BST-16031 – testing of thin material like foils, paper etc.
  • BST-16032 – testing of various kinds of boards like paper board, corrugated board etc.

The Celtec range also covers paper and board testing as per ISO2758 / SO2759, however, additionally provides a burst tester for flexible and aseptic packaging.

  • ZNP-01 – for paper.
  • BNP-01 – for board.
  • LSST01 – for the quantitative determination of sealing strength, heating sealing quality, burst pressure and leakage of flexible and aseptic packages. It can also be used to determine the sealing performance of pilfer-free bottle caps and soft tubes. The compression strength, connection strength of cap and body, cap losing strength, seal strength and butting strength of tubes are the applications.


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Burst Strength Testers

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