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Semi solid manufacturing plants are used for large scale production of ointment, cream, toothpaste and gel in the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries. Prism  has a wide range of fully automatic manufacturing plants which consist of  storage vessel, vacuum pump, pre-determined water phase vessel, pre-determined oil/wax/petroleum jelly phase vessel, vacuum homogenizer Mixer vessel, interconnecting pipeline, transfer and metering pumps, integrated automatic control panel and a working Platform.

Other design features include:

  • Integrated Cleaning in Place system and sterilizing in place as options.
  • Available in 50 Liter to 5000 Liter working Capacity.
  • Temperature controller & safety pressure Valve.
  • Jacket design for heating & cooling with heating jacket pressure of 4 bar.
  • Capable of homogenizing of high viscous fluids up to 400.000 mPas.
  • Top mounted propeller stirrer
  • Integrated high speed homogenizer.
  • Capable of heating by steam or water circulation.
  • Motorized top lid for lifting & lowering.
  • Food grade silicon rubber seal
  • In built scraper cleaner.


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Gel Manufacturing Plant

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