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NEMESIS weigh-price labelling machines can be perfectly integrated into production lines or used as standalone stations. Available in numerous configurations, from 1 to 6 conveyors with width from 90 mm to 456 mm. The labeller features Nice Label 2017 and a free PLU editor, the design of the labels is up to the customer.

Application examples include weighing and labelling of meat, carton box, fruit, vegetables, fresh, bakery, ready meals, fish, logistics, and diary.

Each unit can be equipped with one or more printing units with a 4” to 6” applicator for top, side, side, “C” band, bottom, and front-facing labelling. The following labelling head configurations of the K Series can be customised to meet client’s specific needs such as:

  • Top labeller: The label is placed on the top face of the product and applied by an air compressed blast.
  • Bottom labeler: The label is placed on the bottom face of the products while the products are running over the applicator.
  • Front Labeller: In this configuration the label is placed on the front face of the products. The label applied by a pneumatic labelling arm after passing through the weighing station.
  • Side Labeler: The label is placed on the lateral face of the products and is applied by an air compressed blast.
  • Pneumatic Arm Labeler: The label is placed on the top face of the products, applied by a pneumatic labelling arm.
  • Round Products Labeller: The design incorporates special top labeller’s architecture with pairs of reclinable twin belts for the specific application.
  • “C” Labeller: in this unique configuration, the label wraps the product from the top face to the bottom, while running through the applicator.
  • Combo Labeler: Top + side, top + bottom, side + bottom labellers are configured based on customer’s products and request.

Main features include:

  • Fast and precise labelling, up to 150/min.
  • Freedom of choice of label’s measurement and contents.
  • Weighing capacity from 15 g up to 30 kg
  • MID European Directive and OIML R-51 full certified.
  • Display resolution “d” ≥ 0.1 g
  • Weighing accuracy (3σ) ≥ ±0.5 g
  • Throughput ≤ 150 ppm with maximum belt speed ≤ 40 m/min
  • Configuration can be made for up to 6 conveyors.
  • IP Protection IP54 (IP65 option)
  • Height 460 mm up to 1,200 mm
  • Conveyor(s) width 90 mm up to 456 mm
  • Conveyor(s) length 150 mm up to 750 mm
  • Conveyor(s) design options include polyurethane Belt, twin reclining, and V-shape.
  • IP54 rating (IP65 option)


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