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Nemesis metal detectors ( Metal-detector – M Series | Nemesis checkweighers) are used for total quality control and are applied to the production of aerosols, cans, chemicals cosmetics, food, non-food, and pharmaceuticals. These metal detectors can be supplied as combo units with checkweighers for advanced end of line automation.

In built statistical data acquisition unit and the local printer functions are used to record the anomalies detected by the metal detector

Application examples include Jams, sweets, bakery, diary, fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, pharmaceutical products and snacks.

  • Key Features include:
  • Combination of weighing and metal detection control as the ultimate end-line inspector.
  • Multi-frequency and multi-spectrum versions available, for the best detection performances
  • Weighing capacity from 15 g up to 60 kg
  • Fits the Supplier Quality Mgmt. requirements from the main GDO players all over the world.
  • Weighing accuracy (3σ) ≥ ±0.5 g
  • IP Protection: IP54 (IP65 option)
  • USB provision to automatically export all the weighing data and statistics on to customer’s pen drive.
  • Throughput ≤ 150 ppm and maximum belt speed ≤ 40 m/min
  • Integrated printer for the option of viewing every single batch records directly on paper. Report structure can perfectly customizable based on customer’s preference.
  • Configuration 1/3 conveyor(s)
  • IP Protection IP54 (IP65 option)
  • Adjustable height 460 mm up to 1,200 mm
  • Conveyor(s) width 160 mm up to 608 mm and length of 150 mm up to 2,050 mm
  • Conveyor(s) design options of polyurethane belt and modular Plastic.
  • User friendly HMI with less than 5 touches on the screen to set up every function.


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