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S Series (Checkweigher Catalogue | Nemesis checkweighers) is the range of checkweighers designed to respond to the modern demands of the pharmaceutical industry, with unique focus on the GMP regulations and the stringent quality control reference standards. The S series serves as a  high-speed checkweigher for the lightest weights.

Areas of application include: Bolts and screws kits, Mono-portion biscuits, travel plastic cutlery, cosmetics, tall and thins bottles, sprays, blisters of pills, blood glucose testers eyewash jars and candies.

Main features include:

  • Quality control meeting the current requirements of the pharma industry, first of all GMP
  • Top class accuracy for 1-gram products, even at the highest industrial speed rates
  • With EasyWeigh technology there is no need for calibration or learning procedures
  • Fully integrable with visual control, marking, tracing system, barcode readers etc
  • Throughput of 600 ppm with maximum belts speeds up to 120 m/min
  • 1g up to 600g with a Display Resolution of > 0.01g
  • Automatic ejectors with various designs including side pneumatic ejector, high-speed pneumatic ejector, air blast ejector, Double-nozzle air blast ejector, rodless pneumatic ejector and drop-down ejector.


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