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Nemesis R Series (Checkweigher Catalogue | Nemesis checkweighers) is a high-speed specialist checkweigher. The design combines an unparalleled sturdiness with high accuracy, even at the highest working speed, and an innovative design, conceived for application in harsh industrial environments.

Application examples include soft drink cans, solvent jars, canned sardines, milk bricks, olive jars, mayonnaise, tuna, shampoo, coarse salt, and orange juice.

Main features include:

  • Available in numerous configurations, with 1 to 4 chain conveyors and width measurements ranging from 50 mm to 230 mm, for checking cans, jars, and bottles.
  • Main Features include:
  • Suitable for weighing and sorting products up to 600 pieces per minute, with a top level accuracy
  • IP66K protection, for working in harsh and dirty conditions. Fully washable with high-pressure waterjet.
  • With EasyWeigh technology there is no need for calibration or learning procedures
  • Special chain conveyors designed for the best handling of products like
  • cans, sprays etc
  • Throughput of 600 ppm with belt speed of 120 m/min
  • Configuration with up to 4 conveyors
  • Conveyor(s) width 90 mm up to 304 mm and length of 150 mm up to 650 mm
  • Side pneumatic ejector and high-speed pneumatic ejector incorporated for quality control.
  • Capacity: 20 g up to 6 kg
  • Conveyor design is chain modular plastic.


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