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C Series checkweighers are compact with modular design to allow integration at reduced costs and spaces. The design from Nemesis (Checkweigher Catalogue | Nemesis checkweighers) is sturdy and flexible and can be easily combined with metal-detectors, visual or labelling systems. Hence, it is a versatile checkweigher for all-round applications.  Application examples include pasta bags, net of fruits, cheese bits, tall and thin bottles, sprays, multiple candles packs, absorbents and diapers, paint cans, candies, hands and face lotions, dough balls.

Main features include:

  • Compact, accurate, cost-effective solution for the quality control in every industry
  • In built EasyWeigh technology ensures no need for calibration or learning procedures.
  • Capacity: 15g up to 8kg with an accuracy of ±0.07g
  • IP54 rating (IP65 option)
  • Conveyor design options include polyurethane belt, modular plastic and V-shaped design.
  • Automatic ejectors with various designs including side pneumatic ejector, high-speed pneumatic ejector, air blast ejector, Double-nozzle air blast ejector, rodless pneumatic ejector and drop-down ejector.
  • Belt speed up to 120 m/min with throughput of 400ppm
  • Integration can be done for a maximum number of 6 conveyors.
  • MID European Directive and OIML R-51 full certified.


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